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The rising sea waters caused by global warming have inspired a Russian architect to design a hotel that could be built on land or on water. The "Ark" could be built in just a few months anywhere in the world, the designer says.
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Russian architect Alexander Remizov has designed a futuristic energy-saving hotel project called "The Ark."

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The building can swim in water…

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… but also looks stylish on land. The arch-shaped construction would be covered with an extremely durable foil, and everything would be held together with steel cables.

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Inside, plants would assure a healthy microclimate and provide a green oasis.

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In the center of the building would be a column, which would connect energy-producing technology on the roof with energy-saving technology in the basement.

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The future hotel would be built without glass. According to Remizov, the foil, made of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), is lighter, stronger and more durable than glass, and is self-cleaning and recyclable.

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Remizov is working together with a German design and engineering firm on the project, and they are currently seeking investors.

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Energy-efficient technology: Wind, solar and thermal energy could be stored in the basement for up to six months and turned into electricity.

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The project could be constructed quickly. If the first pieces were prefabricated, then putting them together would only take three to four months. First the central column would be put in place…

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… then come the wooden arches and the foil cover. The hotel would have a total area of 14,000 square meters.

Foto: remistudio
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