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Hamburg is in the process of building an entirely new city quarter. Known as HafenCity, developers hope the new neighborhood will fit seamlessly in with the rest of the city. But it's not as easy as it might sound.
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At the beginning of the last century, Hamburg's bustling harbor was right at the edge of the city center. The warehouses of the Speicherstadt were vital for the shipping industry. But bigger ships meant a new harbor had to be built, leaving a vast empty space just outside of downtown.

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The new city district, Hafencity, is being built on the edge of the historic Speicherstadt. Construction has been underway for years, with some parts of the new quarter already largely completed.

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Several star architects have become involved in the project. Once finished, the new Philharmonic Hall, called the Elbphilharmonie), promises to be one of the most impressive architectural accents in the new quarter. Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, the Elbphilharmonie has been criticized for being vastly over budget.

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Hafencity will double the size of Hamburg's city center population and will also host office space, cultural institutions and museums. A university is also under construction in the new quarter.

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With construction continuing apace, only a small portion of the planned 12,000 residents have moved in. The project will continue in stages for several years to come.

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Once completed, the Elbphilharmonie promises to be the city's new calling card. Other architectural masterpieces are likewise in the works.

Foto: DDP / Herzog & de Meuron
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The Elbphilharmonie in March 2010. The project remains controversial because construction costs are reportedly rising by up to 200 percent and completion is likely to be delayed to 2012, two years behind schedule.

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Hafencity has gone out of its way to ensure that people feel comfortable in the new quarter and has worked together with incoming residents to ensure a neighborhood feel.

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HafenCity has hired a sociologist to liaise with those living in the new quarter to find out what they want and need. Here, an image of what the new cruise ship terminal will look like.

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Many companies have already moved into new buildings in HafenCity. Here, the Unilever building.

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HafenCity has been careful to include both housing for the wealthy and apartments for those on a tighter budget. The Marco Polo Tower, pictured here, belongs in the former category.

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The tower will be outfitted with luxury apartments with stunning views of both downtown Hamburg and of the harbor.

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So far, those who have moved to HafenCity report having already developed an attachment to the new neighborhood.

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