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After an over 20 year wait, the monument to the Sinti and Roma murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust was finally unveiled on Wednesday. The timing could not have been better.
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The memorial to the Sinti and Rome murdered by the Nazis during World War II was inaugurated on Wednesday in the Tiergarten park just across from the German parliament building in central Berlin.

Foto: Markus Schreiber/ AP
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Several dignitaries, including Chancellor Angela Merkel (center) and Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit (far right) were on hand for the ceremony. Here, monument designer Dani Karavan (blue jacket) shakes hands with Holocaust survivor Reinhard Florian.

Foto: Markus Schreiber/ AP
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The monument is a round reflecting pool surrounded by flat stone slabs. Some of the slabs are engraved with the names of Nazi concentration and death camps.

Foto: Michael Kappeler/ dpa
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The monument was a long time in coming. Karavan finished the design in 1992, but a debate about the appropriate enscription for the monument took years to resolve.

Foto: Markus Schreiber/ AP
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Flowers laid at the monument on Wednesday. At the center of the reflecting pool is a small, triangular platform which will support a single rose. Once a day, the platform will sink below the pool's surface and the flower will be replaced by a fresh one.

Foto: Markus Schreiber/ AP
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The German federal government picked up the 2.8 million euro tab for the monument. It joins the monument to the Jews murdered in the Holocaust and another memorial dedicated to homosexuals persecuted by the Nazis.

Foto: Britta Pedersen/ dpa
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Dani Karavan, 81, is an Israeli artist who has produced several memorials to victims of World War II around Germany. Another of his pieces, depicting several articles of the German constitution, is located just a few hundred meters away from the new Sinti and Roma monument.

Foto: dapd
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Romani Rose, head of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, reminded those present at Wednesday's inauguration that racist sentiment directed at gypsies in Europe remains alive and well.

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