Photo Gallery An Etymologist's View of the World

Ever wanted to visit the City of Boatmen or the Land of the Strong Ones? If so, you'll need the new Atlas of True Names.
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It looks like a normal map, but once you start reading, it becomes clear that the "Atlas of True Names" is not at all conventional. It is an etymological trip around the world.

Foto: Kalimedia
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The map makers researched global place names to find their origins, and then translated them to English.

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"Monkton" = Munich, "Colony" = Cologne, and "Gurglewaterton" = Dortmund.

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Most of the research for the names was done using books of etymology and the Internet.

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Even old New York was once New Amsterdam. But here it's known as "New Wild Boar Village."

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The world "Atlas" includes literal names of the planets.

Foto: Kalimedia
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