Photo Gallery Anti-German Sentiment on the Rise in Greece

Resentment of Germany is growing in Greece. There is even talk of a boycott of German products in the country.
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Resentment of Germany is growing in Greece amid the perception that Berlin is imposing tough austerity measures on the country. This caricature by Stathis Stavropoulos, a well-known Greek cartoonist, shows Horst Reichenbach, the German head of the European Commission's Task Force for Greece, as a Nazi officer with the Greeks as his puppet.

Foto: Stathis Stavropoulos
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On Thursday, the front page of the Greek right-wing daily Democracy showed a picture of German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a Nazi, with the German subtitle "Memorandum Macht Frei," a reference to the Nazi slogan "Arbeit Macht Frei" ("Work Makes You Free") that stood over the gates of Auschwitz. The memorandum is the document that details the proposed austerity measures that the troika wants to impose on Greece.

Foto: Orestis Panagiotou/ dpa
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Meanwhile television personality Georgios Trangas (in the orange sweater) rails against Germany in his TV show. He continually makes comparisons with the Nazi era and attacks Merkel.

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"Germany doesn't care if 3 million persioners die here," says the journalist Trangas. That would be one of his more reasonable utterances on a recent evening show.

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Another cartoon by Stathis Stavropulos. The EU's bean counters have discovered there are 33 beans in the soup, when there should only be 28. The five extra are to be handed over to the Germans.

Foto: Stathis Stavropoulos
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In this image, Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos is portrayed as an Auschwitz guard searching for a "final solution" for the Greek poor.

Foto: Stathis Stavropoulos
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Stavropoulos is one of the best known caricaturists in Greece. Even the New York Times recently reprinted one of his cartoons. He has focused heavily recently on German influence in Greece.

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The sight of swastika flags has become a common one at Greek protests against the vicious austerity measures that have been imposed on the country.

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So too have German flag burnings. It is widely believed that Chancellor Angela Merkel has been the driving force behind European Union demands for additional austerity measures in Greece.

Foto: Orestis Panagiotou/ dpa
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Here, the headquarters of the Bank of Greece has been altered to reflect what the majority of the population believes.

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