Photo Gallery Archaeologists Find Roman Battlefield in Germany

Archaeologists have located a battlefield dating back to the 3rd century AD in a forest in northern Germany. An entire Roman legion equipped with battle catapults of the kind portrayed in the film "Gladiator" is believed to have fought a Germanic tribe here.
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Archaeologists in Germany on Monday presented weapons discovered on a Roman-era battlefield in a forest in Northheim, northern Germany.

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The weapons found include battle axes and arrow heads.

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Roman coins were also found. Historians say the discovery of the battlefield is so significant because it appears to refute the assumption that the Romans withdrew from Germania after their defeat by an alliance of Germanic tribes at the battle of the Teutoburg forest in 9 AD.

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Evidently the Romans and Germans fought a bloody battle in the third century AD, archaeologists say. Some 1,000 Roman legionnaires are believed to have been involved.

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Many of the weapons found are in good condition and they prove that Roman armies were still engaging in major military operations far north of the Alps at a time when the Roman Empire was in terminal decline.

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