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From Dali-like moustaches to beards Karl Marx would have been proud of, all kinds of weird and wonderful facial hair was on display at an international competition in Germany.
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A final check: Jürgen Burkhardt gives his artful creation a final once-over. He and his seated competitor, Wilhelm Erz are taking part in the International German Beard Championships.

Foto: DDP
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It's hard to believe but all the facial hair on display was real. Some of the entrants do, however, get to use hairspray to create their unique look.

Foto: DPA
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The competition, which drew entrants from six European countries, was held in Bavaria.

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Hanna Tozen came all the way from London to watch the competition. Her fake handlebar, of course, was not allowed in the contest.

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The championship was divided into 17 categories, from Dali moustaches to natural beards.

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Every shape imaginable was on display.

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The competition, which was held in Eging am See, drew 127 entrants from Germany, England, Poland, France, Austria and Switzerland.

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Just as in a beauty pageant, the competitors had to parade in front of judges who awarded them between 5 and 10 points.

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Gerhardt Knapp appeared in the freestyle category. Many of the contestants dressed up in wacky outfits to go with their crazy facial hear.

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Even Karl Marx would have been proud of these two bushy specimens.

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