Photo Gallery Berlin's Blazing Cars

A spate of torched cars put Berlin in the global headlines last year. Now a new exhibition revisits the charred remains of vehicles set ablaze. Taken by a photographer better known for his snaps of gleaming new cars, the photos are on show in England .
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Michael Danner's "Cars on Fire" series includes this shot of a burned out Porsche race car. It stands alongside the charred shell of another car that can no longer be identified.

Foto: Michael Danner
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This BMW X6 was among the arsonists' targets last year.

Foto: Michael Danner
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A torched Renault Mégane stands at the edge of the road and behind it appear to be the remnants of another car already moved away by police. The extreme heat also damaged a motorcycle parked on the pavement nearby.

Foto: Michael Danner
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It wasn't just new luxury cars that were set ablaze last year. Danner's photographs also include small and old cars, such as this Opel Corsa.

Foto: Michael Danner
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Cars were torched across the city. As well as attacks in central Berlin, cars were also burned in quiet residential neighborhoods. This photo shows a destroyed Audi A3 vehicle.

Foto: Michael Danner
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This photo shows the blackened shell of a VW New Beetle on a Berlin street on a snowy winter morning. For a time, cars were being set alight night after night in the German capital.

Foto: Michael Danner
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This Mercedes Benz M-Class was also set alight but was not completely destroyed. Police suspected the far-left extremists may have been behind the spat of car arson incidents.

Foto: Michael Danner
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These two cars were among those targeted. When arsonists set one car on aflame, the fire often spread to other vehicles parked nearby.

Foto: Michael Danner
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