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After a dry autumn, November water levels in Germany's Rhine River are lower than they have been in decades. As the waters recede, several leftovers from World War II have been discovered.
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With November water levels in Germany's Rhine River lower than they have been in decades, passersby have made a trio of explosive discoveries in recent days -- all leftover munitions from World War II. The photo here shows one of two barrels of chlorosulfuric acid discovered. The chemical was used during the war to create smoke screens.

Foto: dapd
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Most of the finds have been made on the shores of the Rhine near Koblenz, pictured here. In addition to the chemical-filled barrels, people have found an incendiary bomb and a larger explosive that is still sitting in just over a foot of water at the river's edge.

Foto: Thomas Frey/ dpa
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On Saturday and Sunday, officials destroyed the chemical barrels. Some 1,500 nearby residents were evacuated first. The incendiary bomb was likewise exploded.

Foto: Thomas Frey/ dpa
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Bomb experts in Koblenz have been examining the explosive found there in preparation for defusing it, currently planned for Dec. 4. Here, a diver takes a closer look.

Foto: Thomas Frey/ dpa
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Water levels in the Rhine are in some spots lower than they have been in decades. Here, two ships pass each other around a large bank of sand near the town of Oberwesel.

Foto: Thomas Frey/ dpa
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Officials expect the level of the Rhine to continue shrinking, with little precipitation in sight.

Foto: Fredrik von Erichsen/ dpa
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Bomb finds in Germany are not terribly surprising. The country was heavily bombed during World War II and hardly a week goes by without someone finding an explosive somewhere in the country. Here, a 250 kilogram bomb found and defused in Potsdam, just outside of Berlin, in April.

Foto: dapd