Photo Gallery British Press Reacts to Cameron's Veto

It was a dramatic night in Brussels. British Prime Minister David Cameron positioned himself against changing EU treaties to help solve the debt crisis. British papers weighed in on Friday.
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Conservative tabloid "The Sun" decided on wordplay...

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...while the center-right daily "The Times" framed Britain as being "left out" of the new agreement, which only 23 of the EU's 27 members are backing. But rather than being excluded, British Prime Minister Cameron had actually "wielded his veto."

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The center-right daily "The Telegraph" was slightly more direct, writing that Britain was "isolated" after Cameron's block to the treaty change.

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The left-leaning daily "The Guardian" also said the UK was "isolated," with critics telling the paper the situation could even be dangerous for the nation.

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The left-leaning daily "The Independent" called Cameron's "dramatic veto" a "defiant" move, also writing that he had risked "political isolation" from the EU.

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Only the conservative tabloid "Daily Mail" had friendly words for Prime Minister David Cameron. "PM finally gets tough with Europe," the paper wrote.

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