Photo Gallery Children in the Cotton Fields

Every autumn, children in Uzbekistan are forced to work in the cotton harvest, for little or no pay.
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An Uzbek boy carries a sack with raw cotton on a field near Yallam, 70 kilometers southwest of Tashkent, in a photograph taken in September 2003. Uzbekistan has since signed up to the UN Worst Forms of Child Labor Convention, yet children are still being forced to work on the autumn cotton harvest.

Foto: © Shamil Zhumatov / Reuters
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The price of cotton has exploded and the Uzbek elite are profiting from the high prices. However, the children working in the fields see little of that profit. They are either paid a pittance or their teachers keep the money.

Foto: Ingo Wagner/ dpa
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Uzbekistan is the third largest producer of cotton after the United States and India. However, the ordinary people of Uzbekistan are still living in poverty. The farmers only receive a third of the export price, the rest goes to the regime of President Islam Karimov.

Foto: Ingo Wagner/ picture alliance / dpa