Photo Gallery Crash Tests on Wild Boars

Germany's ADAC automobile club has conducted crash tests on model wild boars to highlight the growing risk of accidents involving animals on German roads. It said 27 people died and 3,000 were injured last year in collisions with deer, boars, rabbits and wildcats. Hundreds of thousands of wild animals perish each year.
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It's a tragically common scene on German roads -- wild boar running into traffic. This crash test was conducted by ADAC, Europe's largest autombile club, to show the impact of a collision with an average sow and her two piglets. They used life-size models with the mother weighing 150 kilos and the piglets 50 kilos each. They were attached to a rolling platform.

Foto: ADAC
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The moment of impact -- the sow is hurled into the air as the vehicle smashes into it at 80 kilometers an hour (62 miles per hour).

Foto: ADAC
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"The collision with a horde of wild boars at 80 kilometers per hour needn't be life-threatening for the people inside the vehicle," ADAC said in a statement. "The front of the vehicle was damaged, but the passenger cell remained stable." Unfortunately for the beasts caught in the headlights, ADAC recommended that drivers do not swerve to avoid the collision. Trying to spare the animal's life by shifting to the opposite lane entails the far greater danger of smashing into an oncoming car, it said.

Foto: ADAC
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