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Some 24 Iraqi citizens were killed in Haditha on Nov. 19, 2005. The US Marines are suspected of having shot them in cold blood.
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An image allegedly taken inside one of the houses in Haditha where civilians were killed during a US Marine rampage last November. The image was provided to the press by a lawyer for the victims.

Foto: AP
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Another image provided by a lawyer for several of the victims, Khaled Salem Rsayef. It shows a house in Haditha where citizens were allegedly killed by US Marines.

Foto: AP
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The Haditha killings have been compared with the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam, where hundreds of innocent civilians were killed by US soldiers in 1968. Like My Lai, the killings in Haditha are believed to have been motivated by revenge.

Foto: AP/ Life Magazine
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A frame grab from a video provided by the Hamourabi human rights group. The group says it is of bodies of those killed in Haditha being loaded onto a truck.

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Bodies in the Haditha morgue after the killings. The US military investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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A body being carried out to a waiting truck in Haditha. The image comes from a video provided by the Hamourabi human rights group.

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Bodies in Haditha after having been loaded onto a truck. They were shot dead with many claiming the US military is responsible.

Foto: AFP
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