Photo Gallery Dismantling the Berlin Wall

The project was put on hold after thousands showed up in protest, but early on March 27 developers resumed their removal of a section of the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall to make way for luxury housing.
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Police stand guard at the East Side Gallery -- the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall -- on March 27. In the early morning, four sections were dismantled to make wake way for the construction of a luxury high-rise building.

Foto: Britta Pedersen/ dpa
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People gather at the site of the removal. The East Side Gallery is one of Berlin's most visited tourist attractions.

Foto: Carsten Koall/ Getty Images
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Anticipating protest from residents, some 250 police officers were deployed for the operation. The first round of work was halted in early March after several angry protests at the site. At the time, the investor said he would attempt to find a compromise.

Foto: Britta Pedersen/ dpa
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Members of the leftist anti-development group known as "Sink Mediaspree" hold a vigil at the site on Wednesday morning next to a flag that translates to, "Spree Banks for All."

Foto: Soeren Stache/ dpa
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American actor and singer David Hasselhoff leads a march at the East Side Gallery on March 17. Hasselhoff's 1989 song "Looking for Freedom," a massive hit in Germany, became an anthem for the fall of the Berlin Wall -- at least by his own account.

Foto: Paul Zinken/ dpa
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Crowds gather at the Wall to see David Hasselhoff on March 17. The East Side Gallery dates back to early 1990, when some 120 international artists were invited to cover the largest remaining section of the Berlin Wall with murals.

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