Photo Gallery Does Germany already Have Sharia Law?

The German legal scandal over a battered Muslim woman shows just how challenging it has become for courts here to manage a society that is increasingly immigrant based. Ruling after legal ruling has made easier the gradual encroachment of fundamentalist Islam in Germany's parallel Muslim world.
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The construction site of a new mosque being built in the western German city Duisburg: "We are at a crossroads, everywhere in Europe."

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Everyday Turkish life in Berlin's Kreuzberg district: For far too long, Germany's muslim immigrants were not asked to put much effort into integrating.

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In 2003, Fereshda Ludin, a teacher in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg, sued for the right to wear the headscarf in the classroom. Her case was referred to the Federal Constitutional Court, which ruled that schools are the business of the states. Some states have since banned teachers from wearing the headscarf in the classroom.

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Class in a Koran school in Berlin's Kreuzberg district: "There are groups that truly want to establish a separate world."

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Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali co-directed the controversial film "Submission" about violence against women in the Muslim religion ...

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... Her co-director, Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered by a fundamentalist Islamic youth who was insulted by the film. The murder set the Netherlands into a deep state of shock.Suddenly the country was faced with the wreckage of its much-touted tolerance.

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Berlin honor killing victim Sürücü Hatun: Murdered in the most gruesome of ways for violating archaic concepts of morality.

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German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble: "They must behave in a way that indicates partnership with us" -- at least if they hope to steer clear of investigators and the courts.

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