Photo Gallery Dreaming of a White Easter

Easter usually signals the beginning of spring in northern Europe. Not this year though. Unseasonably cold weather and snow may break records this March, and leave the Easter Bunny shivering.
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Germans are fond of decorating their small, rental gardens -- known as Schrebergarten -- with figurines and garden gnomes. This Easter Bunny in a garden in Lübeck, though, can't compete with the snow.

Foto: Axel Heimken/ dpa
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Snowmen are fine. Snow Easter Bunnies, though, are a sign of a spring gone terribly wrong. These not-entirely-lifelike sculptures were photographed in the northern German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania this week.

Foto: Bernd Wüstneck/ dpa
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Nothing like some spring flowers for Easter. If they can fight their way through the snow and ice, that is. This March could end up being northern Germany's coldest since records began in 1881.

Foto: Martin Schutt/ dpa
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Decorating spindly trees with colorful Easter eggs is a favorite tradition in Germany. Usually, though, the eggs have to compete with buds and new leaves. Not this year.

Foto: Patrick Pleul/ dpa
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Biologists are warning that Germany's European hare population is having a rough go of it this spring. The cold, wet weather is not good for their babies. This particular individual was photographed cowering in the snow in the eastern German state of Brandenburg.

Foto: Patrick Pleul/ dpa
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Happy Easter! While cold weather in March is nothing new in Germany, this March has been colder than normal in the northern part of the country -- and comes after the darkest winter in over 40 years.

Foto: Ingo Wagner/ dpa
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Two bunnies in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The Easter Bunny might want to look into borrowing Santa's reindeer on Sunday.

Foto: Bernd Wüstneck/ dpa
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The forecast calls for more of the same. While heavy snowfall is not expected, light snow showers and sleet have been forecast for Easter Sunday.

Foto: Wolfram Steinberg/ dpa
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The Easter Bunny on cross-country skis in Brandenburg. Easter this year promises to be colder than Christmas was.

Foto: Patrick Pleul/ dpa
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Easter decorations in the snow. Whereas the sun has managed to fight its way through the haze recently, warm weather is nowhere in sight.

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