Photo Gallery Excavating the Mass Grave at Malbork

In the Polish city of Malbork, once part of German West Prussia, one mass grave after the other has been uncovered over the years. The causes of the mass deaths in the city following World War II remain a mystery today.
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The excavation of the remains of the 1,800 people is being conducted by archeologist Zbigniew Sawicki, who works for the Malbork castle museum.

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So far no forensic experts have been called in, although the excavation here has been going on for months.

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City officials announced the find in early January and speculation within the press in Germany was that the remains found were likely those of Germans who were still in the city at the end of World War II.

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Many mass graves stemming from World War II have been found around Malbork. In the case of the most recent grave, no one knows yet whether it was a case of mass murder, whether a plague hit the town or whether war dead were merely collected at a common burial place.

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All investigators have to go by are historical records and a pit full of bones, with no clues as to the actual events that brought them there. "We aren't finding any personal objects, no glasses, no gold teeth and above all, no clothing," says Sawicki.