Photo Gallery Gazprom's Architectural Ambitions

Gazprom has asked the world's greatest architects to submit designs for its new headquarters in St. Peterburg.
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RMJM of London submitted this design. The tower and Gazprom headquarters are to be located directly across the river from the 18th century Smolny cathedral, prompting many to oppose the project.

Foto: Gazprom Neft Invest LLC
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Jean Nouvel of Paris is one of six internationally known architects participating in the tender. The Russian Union of Architects boycotted the contest out of concern for the historic skyline of St. Petersburg.

Foto: Gazprom Neft Invest LLC
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Herzog & de Meuron want to erect a giant corkscrew on the site. St. Petersburg stands to earn tax revenues of as much as €5.85 billion annually.

Foto: Gazprom neft Invest LLC
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Massimiliano Fuksas of Itally submitted this design. The project is to take 10 years to build.

Foto: Gazprom Neft Invest LLC
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From Rem Kolhaas's Office for Metropolitan Architecture. The director of St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum is opposed to the Gazprom City project.

Foto: Gazprom Neft Invest LLC
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Daniel Libeskind's design for the main building of Gazprom City. The development is part of President Vladimir Putin's plan to boost the city's prestige.

Foto: Gazprom Neft Invest LLC
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