Photo Gallery German Celebrates 20 Years of Unity

Around Germany on Sunday, the country's citizens gathered to celebrate 20 years of reunification. On Oct. 3, 1990, the former East and West Germanies united after decades of Cold War separation.
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Germany's house of parliament as a screen: A projection of the German national flag lit up the night in Berlin as Germans celebrated the 20th anniversary of reunification on Sunday, Oct. 3 in front of the Reichstag building.

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A parachutist from the German police descended near the Reichstag during the reunification festivities. Germans marked the anniversary with outdoor festivals, concerts and fireworks.

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A fireworks show in Berlin to cap off the festivities. Germans and tourists alike celebrated with beer, mulled wine and bratwurst at a festival near the Brandenburg Gate.

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Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl was greeted by current Chancellor Angela Merkel in front of the Reichstag during the reunification festivities.

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German President Christian Wulff gave his first major address at the 20th anniversary celebration in Bremen. Wulff's speech was a much-anticipated foray into integration politics, and was generally well-received by the German press.

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Former president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, gave a speech on the anniversary of German reunification at the Paulskirche church in Frankfurt.

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Twenty years before: Around 1 million Germans celebrated on Oct. 3, 1990, the day of the official German reunification.

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Sunny weather contributed to the happy mood during reunification celebrations. In Bremen festivities took place near the Europa port.

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Sharp shooters were visible from the rooftops near the city hall in the northern German city of Bremen, where local and foreign dignitaries gathered on Sunday to commemorate German unity.

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But Sunday wasn't a celebration for everyone. Here, attendees in front of Bremen's historical city hall, hold up umbrellas spelling out: "The DDR Lives," a reference to East Germany, the German Democratic Republic. With the large scale death of industry in the east after reunification, many have been jobless and without opportunities for the better part of two decades.

Foto: Friso Gentsch/ dpa
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