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The German government is responding to an increase in Internet threats with the opening on Thursday of a new Cyber Defence Center in Bonn. Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich is seeking to create better safety standards and defenses for both the private and public sector. If necessary, he says he may also consider new laws.
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The German government is responding to an increase in Internet threats with the opening on Thursday of a new Cyber Defence Center in Bonn.

Foto: Oliver Berg/ dpa
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German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has described defending his country against cyber attacks as a "central issue" of his term in office. He is hoping that the National Cyber Defense Center opening in Bonn, Germany, on Thursday will help build up his country's cyber defenses.

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Here, the US National Cybersecurity and Communications Integation Center is shown just outside Washington, DC. In the US, if an Internet attack paralyzes critical infrastructure or endangers human lives, the military can also intervene using conventional measures.

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It is often unclear where cyber attacks originate and whether the attackers are connected to criminal groups or if they are hackers who have been deployed by other countries.

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Recently, the US defense company Lockheed Martin admitted that its network had been hacked. The company caught the electronic break-in just in time before top secret information about the stealth fighter jet F-35 Lightning II (pictured here) could be stolen. The International Monetary Fund, which is instrumental in financial bailouts in the euro zone, has also seen its computers hacked recently.

Foto: ? Ho New / Reuters/ Reuters
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A computer screen at the Cybersecurity Center in the United States is pictured during a training exercise. Botnets, which are used by criminals to conduct denial of service or spam attacks will also be monitored by the German center.

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US soldiers train for a possible cyber war. The government in Washington has called for every country to set up its own cyber defense center.

Foto: US Army
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A meeting of NATO foreign ministers in October 2010: In the post-Cold War world, the military alliance is now seeking to address new challenges. In the future, a dangerous cyber attack against one NATO member may require other countries in the alliance to jump to the others' defense .

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The new facility will initially be staffed with six employees from the BSI as well as two each from the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution (the domestic intelligence agency) and from the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK).

Foto: Oliver Berg/ dpa
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