Photo Gallery Germany's Latest Four-Legged Sensation

A cross-eyed opossum at the Leipzig Zoo cannot be seen by the public until July, but has already won fame and melted hearts during an icy winter.
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A cross-eyed opossum has captivated hearts in Germany. Heidi, a resident of the Leipzig Zoo, has turned into a media darling. The Kösen toy manufacturing company has developed a prototype of stuffed Heidis, which they plan to sell in two sizes starting later this month.

Foto: Jan Woitas/ dpa
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Heidi and her sister, Naira, came to Leipzig via the zoo in Odense, Denmark. The two Virginia opossums were originally found in the US state of North Carolina, and turned over to a facility for wild animals.

Foto: Hendrik Schmidt/ dpa
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The reasons for Heidi's crossed eyes are unclear, but zoo officials speculate they might have been caused by fat deposits behind the eyes, resulting from her poor diet early in life. They don't cause her pain, and she is easily able to get around, zoo officials say.

Foto: Hendrik Schmidt/ dpa
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Heidi can been seen by the public starting July 1, when the new "tropical experience world" at the Leipzig Zoo opens. In the meantime, she has 49,000 fans on Facebook and a song in her honor on YouTube.

Foto: Hendrik Schmidt/ dpa
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Officials at the zoo say that Heidi's sudden fame was unsolicited and came as a complete surprise.

Foto: Hendrik Schmidt/ dpa
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