Photo Gallery Helgoland Votes 'No' on Land Bridge

Residents of Germany's Helgoland have voted against a project that some warned threatened to turn the island into a "Dubai of the North Sea." Residents on Sunday rejected plans to build a massive land bridge between their two islands.
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Almost three centuries ago a storm tide split Helgoland in two. The smaller island has since been name Düne, German for dune.

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Once popular among tourists, visitor numbers on the North Sea islands have decreased significantly in recent years.

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Germany's only high-sea islands are located some 46 kilometers off the northern coast. It's red cliffs are famous for their beauty.

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While Helgoland residents agree their island's future is at risk, the majority who voted in Sunday's referendum did not believe a land bridge for development projects was the answer.

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That means visitors will still have to take a water taxi to reach Düne. The trip takes just five minutes.

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Environmentalists worried that the increased tourism sparked by the land bridge could disturb the gray seal colonies along Düne's beaches.

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Here a simulation shows what the €100-million project would have looked like.

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While investors were hoping for a vote in favor of the proposal, long-time residents wanted to preserve the quaint nature of their community.

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Some 55 percent of voters rejected the plan to build a sizeable land bridge, while some 45 percent were in favor.

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