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Holocaust survivor Adam Kohn has become an unlikely YouTube star with a video where he dances in Auschwitz to the Gloria Gaynor's disco classic "I Will Survive."
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In a video made by his daughter Jane Korman, Kohn dances in Auschwitz to Gloria Gaynor's disco classic "I Will Survive."

Foto: YouTube
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But not everybody finds "Dancing Auschwitz" to be in good taste. A spokesman for the Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Centre in Melbourne said that his museum would not play the video under any circumstances, because it was apt to downplay "the significance of Auschwitz."

Foto: YouTube
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Korman had her father and her children dance to the disco classic in Auschwitz and other memorial sites.

Foto: YouTube
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Dancing with his grandchildren in the place where his mother was murdered was the greatest triumph of his life, Kohn says. "Since then, I am no longer a victim. I survived. I won."

Foto: Katrin Koenning
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At the end of the video, Kohn, speaking off-camera, says: "If someone would tell me here, then, that I would come sixty something three years later with my grandchildren, so I'd say 'What you talking about? What you talking about?' So here you are. This is really a historic moment."

Foto: Jane Korman/ AP