Photo Gallery: How the US Sees Select World Politicians 11/28/2010
 German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Kanzlerin Angela Merkel: The tone of...

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Kanzlerin Angela Merkel:The tone of trans-Atlantic relations improved when she took office, according to former US Ambassador to Germany William Timken. But she "has not taken bold steps yet to improve the substantive content of the relationship." US diplomats had a hard time warming up to the chancellor, according to the documents, in which she is referred to as "Angela 'Teflon' Merkel" because so little sticks to her. "She is risk averse and rarely creative," reads a dispatch from March 2009. The Americans argue that the chancellor views international diplomacy above all from the perspective of how she can profit from it domestically. The US, though, considers the chancellor to be the better contact person when it comes to foreign policy issues, rather than Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle.