Photo Gallery 'I Was a Good Tool For a Criminal Regime'

Heinz Otto Fausten, a German soldier who fought in World War II, saw things no one should ever have to see. After that, the high school teacher just concentrated on the future. But then his son started asking questions to find out whether he was a murderer.
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Hans Otto Fausten in 1943. Her fought on the Russian front and lost a leg there. "I was a good soldier," he says today. I see today that because of that, I was merely a good tool for an unbelievably criminal regime."

Foto: Markus Matzel/ DER SPIEGEL
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Heinz Otto Fausten says that he did nothing that he would have to regret today. Because mechanized infantrymen were an assault force, they didn't witness the atrocities behind the front lines. Even though he is now 92, he remembers what happened with photographic precision.

Foto: Markus Matzel/ DER SPIEGEL
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