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The war logs show that the victims of the Iraq war are not only soldiers and insurgents, but are mainly civilians.
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The Suffering of Civilians

The war logs show that the victims of the Iraq war are not only soldiers and insurgents, but mainly civilians. This photo shows an Iraqi girl squatting among blood stains on the side of a street in Tal Afar on Jan. 18, 2005. She has just lost her parents. US soldiers opened fire on their car after it failed to stop and came toward the troops, despite warning shots. According to the report of the operation, the car did not react to a stop signal. The soldiers shot first at the tires and then at the car itself. The mother and father died, but the six children survived.

Foto: Chris Hondros/ Getty Images
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Oil in Flames

This Feb. 2, 2005 photo shows a US soldier standing in front of a black smoke cloud. Insurgents had attacked an oil storage facility near the northern city of Kirkuk, setting off a massive blaze.

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Mourning Fallen Comrades

Boots, weapons and helmets form a memorial to 31 US soldiers who died in a helicopter crash. The Feb. 2, 2005 photo was taken during a memorial service at the US base Camp Korean Village near the Iraqi town of Ar Rutbah.

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Faceless Attackers

Armed militants take up defensive positions on the side of a road on the outskirts of Baqouba, 60 kilometers (35 miles) northeast of Baghdad, in this Dec. 28, 2006 photo.

Foto: AP
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Hidden Danger

This picture released by the US military shows soldiers in action in Baqouba on March 14, 2007. The troops were using smoke grenades for concealment as they engaged insurgents. The Iraq war logs include several incidents for that day, including attacks with fatalities.

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Home-Made Launch Ramps

This video screenshot released by the US military shows insurgents setting up rockets aimed at Forward Operating Base Hammer, about 30 kilometers east of Baghdad, on Aug. 5, 2007. These launch ramps were used for several attacks on US bases, according to the American military reports. The reports also revealed that a patrol discovered the site on Aug. 6 and apparently found out that an electricity cable used for the equipment had been made in Iran.

Foto: U.S.ARMY/ AP
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Calling Home

A wounded US solder lies in a hospital in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone in this August 21, 2007 photo. He has called his wife directly from the emergency room to let her know what has happened.

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Intruder in a Colorful Home

A US Army soldier searches a house near Baqouba for weapons caches and insurgents in this Dec. 15, 2007 photo. The war logs do not include any details about this operation.

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Keep Your Head Down

In this May 13, 2008 photo, a soldier with the Iraqi Army stays low while making his way across the roof of a patrol base in the Shiite enclave of Sadr City in Baghdad.

Foto: Petr David Josek/ AP
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Signals in a Sandstorm

On April 27, 2008, Baghdad was enveloped by a fierce sandstorm. The dust greatly reduced visibility, hampering the security forces and grounding US helicopters and drones. This picture shows an Iraqi Army soldier using a flashlight to signal cars to turn off their headlights. Insurgents exploited the bad weather to fire a salvo of rockets or mortars at the Green Zone. The Iraq war logs describe an attack on that day where two civilians died and three more were injured.

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Under Fire

This unit of US soldiers came under fire on Nov. 8, 2007 in Mosul in the northwest of Iraq. The battalion was conducting an operation to catch would-be roadside bombers when they were attacked.

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Guards Behind the Wire

This May 19, 2008 photo shows a corridor protected by barbed wire inside the Camp Bucca detention center located near the Kuwait-Iraq border. According to US figures, the camp held 19,070 detainees in 33 separate compounds at the time.

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Closeups of War

This July 16, 2008 image shows a US soldier photographing munitions that had been found in the Dora district of Baghdad. The war logs include reports of several operations on that day.

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Bomb Disposal Class

An Iraqi soldier wearing a protective suit defuses a device during bomb disposal training at a US military camp in Besmaya, 90 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, on Nov. 18, 2008. Training Iraqi soldiers was an important part of the work in the US base.

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A Bloody Day in Baghdad

Dec. 8, 2009 was a bloody day in the Iraqi capital. At least 112 people died in car bomb attacks in the city on that day, according to Reuters. This picture shows a US soldier passing by a burned bus at the site of an attack in northern Baghdad. The US military records show four serious attacks on that day. An attack around 10 a.m. killed one Iraqi and wounded two. Another attack at 10:31 a.m. killed 20 civilians and wounded 80. One minute later, a further attack left another 21 dead and 10 injured. A fourth blast happened at 10:40. The result was eight dead and 11 injured civilians. One attacker also died.