Photo Gallery Mammoths in the Vogelherd Cave

Archaeologists working in south-western Germany have found five, ivory figurines -- one of them completely intact. They are among the oldest pieces of art ever found.
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The four-centimeter long, 7.5 gram figurine, made from mammoth ivory, is some 35,000 years old. It is one of the oldest pieces of art ever found.

Foto: Universität Tübingen
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The piece was found in sediment originally excavated from the Vogelherd Cave in 1931. A total of five mammoth figurines have been found there.

Foto: Universität Tübingen
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A number of other figurines have likewise been found at the site, says University of Tübingen archaeologist Nicholas J. Conard. They are, says the universtiy Web site, "among the oldest and most impressive examples of figurative artworks from the Ice Age."

Foto: Universität Tübingen
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The mammoth presented on Wednesday is the first intact example found in the Vogelherd Cave. A number of other fragments have been dug up there.

Foto: Universität Tübingen
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The pieces came from soil layers estimated to be between 28,000 and 36,000 years old. That makes the figurines some of the oldest known pieces of art and coincide with the time when the first modern humans settled Europe.

Foto: Universität Tübingen
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