Photo Gallery Migratory Path Turns Deadly

A number of cranes migrating from their winter habitats became disoriented amid thick fog while flying through central Germany over the weekend. Residents reported some of the birds flying into buildings and windows. Many died, while others escaped the chaos with injuries and were treated at a local veterinary clinic.
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Dead cranes lay on the floor of the Seebach Bird Conservation Observatory. Thick fog disoriented a flock of cranes along their migration from Spain and France to Eastern Europe. A number died after flying into buildings, house windows and cars over the weekend.

Foto: Michael Reichel/ dpa
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The disoriented cranes may have started their migration in easy weather, only to be hit suddenly by the cold east-west draft of air that was blowing between the central states of Hesse and Thuringia.

Foto: Michael Reichel/ dpa
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A crane with an injured leg sits at the Mühlhausen Veterinary Clinic, where veterinarians planned to examine and operate on it.

Foto: Michael Reichel/ dpa
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Veterinarian Volker Ortmann weighs an injured crane before surgery with the help of assistant Petra Dengler in the Mühlhausen Veterinary Clinic.

Foto: Michael Reichel/ dpa
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Konrad Hagemann, a resident of the village of Lengenfeld unterm Stein, brings an injured crane to the Mühlhausen Veterinary Clinic after finding the bird disoriented in his garden.

Foto: Michael Reichel/ dpa
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A number of cranes didn't survive the confusion, flying into buildings, house windows or getting run over by cars.

Foto: Michael Reichel/ dpa
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Veterinarian Volker Ortmann and assistants Petra Dengler (center) and Judith Furchtbar (right) prepare an injured crane for surgery.

Foto: Michael Reichel/ dpa
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An injured crane is prepared for operation at the Mühlhausen Veterinary Clinic.

Foto: Michael Reichel/ dpa
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The cranes had been flying along their springtime migratory path when bad weather struck, likely causing the confusion. Here, a flock of some 3,000 cranes on a field in the German state of Lower Saxony.

Foto: Hubert Jelinek/ dpa
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