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The world's biggest beer festival, the Munich Oktoberfest, ended on Sunday with the organizers reporting a drop in beer consumption due to cold weather. A total of 6.6 million liters of beer was drunk and 104 oxen devoured over the two-week festival.
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Six million visitors came to the Munich Oktoberfest this year. The world's largest beer festival, celebrated for the 175th time in 2008, came to a close on Oct. 5, 2008.

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A total of 6.6 million liters of beer were drunk. That's down 300,000 from last year due to the cold weather over the last two weeks. This is what the tents look like in focus ...

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... but this is what they look like to many Oktoberfest attendees. A waiter carries beer mugs through the Hippodrom beer tent.

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Of course, no Oktoberfest celebration is complete without an oompah band.

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Wearing traditional Bavarian costumes to the Oktoberfest is considered de rigueur, at least among the people of Munich. Here a couple have been hung out to dry.

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Dindls come in every shape, size and color imaginable. One of the only requirements is that they be low-cut.

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Celebrities also like to wear the traditional outfits. Here, Boris Becker and fiancee Sandy Meyer-Woelden head into a beer tent.

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"It's over," reads this woman's cleavage. She is also (surprise!) wearing a dirndl.

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Cheers, and "Aus is." See you next year.

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