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6.4 million visitors, 6.7 million liters of beer drunk, and 638 'beer corpses' -- the Oktoberfest ended Sunday with another impressive array of statistics. However, only one set of false teeth was handed into the lost property office -- a sign of improved dental adhesive.
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Munich's Oktoberfest ended on Sunday after two weeks of revelry in which a total of 6.4 million visitors, many of them wearing Lederhosen and Dirndl dresses despite the cool autumn weather, downed 6.7 million liters of beer and devoured 114 oxen, the organizers said.

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Oktoberfest waitress Helga carrying 12 brimming glasses. Beer consumption was down from last year's 6.9 million liters, while the number of visitors was unchanged. The beer record was set in 2011 when 7.5 million liters were drunk.

Foto: Frank Leonhardt/ dpa
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Oktoberfest doesn't just offer beer. It's a funfair, too. It's best not to drink beer before going on the rides, though. And don't stand underneath them.

Foto: Alexander Hassenstein/ Getty Images
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Former Barcelona soccer coach Pep Guardiola, now in charge of Bayern Munich, has evidently settled in to Bavarian life. He joined the team at their traditional Oktoberfest visit on the last day.

Foto: DPA
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A heaving beer tent: The police described this year's fest as "normal" and "on the whole relaxed," with the number of brawls involving heavy beer glasses falling to 58 from 66.

Foto: DPA
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The number of people who received medical attention after drinking themselves unconscious, fittingly called Bierleichen or "beer corpses" in German, fell to 638 people this year from 800 in 2012.

Foto: Joerg Koch/ Getty Images
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Roast chicken is among the Oktoberfest's culinary classics.

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Cold weather during the second week and rain on the final weekend didn't dampen spirits.

Foto: Matthias Schrader/ AP/dpa
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Oktoberfest is a celebration not just of beer, but of all things Bavarian, including the traditional Schuhplattler dance, which involves rigorous thigh-slapping. Some say the dance is intended to emulate the elaborate mating ritual of the Heather Cock, the largest member of the grouse family.

Foto: Joerg Koch/ Getty Images
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A Bavarian man trying his hand at a high striker at the Oktoberfest.

Foto: Joerg Koch/ Getty Images
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Some Oktoberfest visitors taking a restorative nap.

Foto: DPA
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A total of eight children went missing -- temporarily. Other items lost included one Segway, two wedding rings, a hearing aid, 400 sets of keys, 320 smartphones, 520 wallets, 940 items of clothing and 1,065 identity cards and passports. "50,000 euros in cash, a drum and a guitar are still missing," said the Munich press office in a statement.

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Revellers enjoying themselves at the 180th Oktoberfest. The beer record was set in 2011 when 7.5 million liters were drunk.

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"You game for another ox, Hansi?"

Foto: Johannes Simon/ Getty Images
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Members of Bavarian mountain riflemen's associations firing their guns on the last day of the festival.

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Auf Wiedersehen, Oktoberfest.

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The last guests left Sunday night, and the great clean-up began.

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