Photo Gallery Meet Anori, Knut's Half Sister

A polar bear cub who shares the same father as late Berlin celebrity Knut made her debut this week at the Wuppertal Zoo. But unlike her half-brother, wee Anori has not been abandoned by her mother. The cuddly pair delighted visitors with a romp around their enclosure and zoo officials are optimistic about her future.
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Hello World! On Thursday, baby polar bear Anori made her public debut at Germany's Wuppertal Zoo. Her father Lars is the same polar bear who sired Berlin's Knut, the world-famous polar bear who died just over one year ago after being hand-reared and becoming a global symbol in the fight against climate change. That makes Anori his half-sister.

Foto: Marius Becker/ dpa
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Unlike Knut's mother Tosca, who abandoned him to be hand-fed with a bottle, Anori's mother Vilma has doted on her offspring.

Foto: Oliver Berg/ dpa
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Zookeepers in Wuppertal are pleased with the progress mother Vilma and daughter Anori have made. "It's all gone really well," Wuppertal Zoo Director Ulrich Schürer told reporters.

Foto: Marius Becker/ dpa
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If her first visit with the public was anything to go by, Anori seems to share her brother's healthy sense of curiosity.

Foto: Marius Becker/ dpa
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Anori was born on Jan. 4 and spent the first weeks of her life inside a non-public space in her enclosure. But on Thursday, she made her first trip outside, with a little nudging from her mother: Wake up, baby girl, it's springtime outside.

Foto: Marius Becker/ dpa
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Anori romped around in her enclosure and also demonsted some of the same playfulness fans will remember in Knut. "Come on mommy, play with me."

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She nursed when she got hungry.

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A proud mother shows off her daughter. When mother Vilma first stepped outside on Thursday, baby Anori didn't follow her. It was only after Vilma went back into the enclosure and gave her daughter some nudging that Anori ventured into the great outdoors.

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Anori is the first polar bear to be born in captivity at the Wuppertal Zoo since 1995. "It is so great to see now that so many thousands of people are so happy about this little bear," Zoo Director Ulrich Schürer told reporters.

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Will Anori become famous like her brother Knut, the ursine star at the Berlin Zoo who drew millions of fans and visitors?

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Here, Anori's older half-brother can be seen together with the Berlin zookeeper who hand-reared him with a bottle. Polar bear Knut died after suffering a seizure and drowning in a pool in his enclosure on March 19, 2011. Pathology experts believe the seizure had been caused by encephalitis. Dörflein also died at a young age. The zookeeper passed away after having a heart attack at 44 in 2008.

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At the Berlin Zoo, a memorial is currently being prepared for Knut. Here, flowers and condolence messages can be seen in front of his enclosure shortly after his death in March 2011. Fans have also been known to frequently lay flowers at the cementary where Thomas Dörflein, his surrogate father, is buried.

Foto: Andreas Rentz/ Getty Images
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All across Germany, fans are hoping Anori will fare better than her half-brother.

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