Photo Gallery Salafists Clash With Police in Solingen

A group of radical Muslims attacked police in the German city of Solingen on Tuesday during a far-right demonstration, injuring four. They were provoked by the anti-Islamic Pro NRW party, which displayed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Officials had warned that the publicity stunt could spark violence.
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Police restraining a Salafist protestor in the center of the western German town of Solingen on Tuesday. Radical Islamists attacked police in Solingen on Tuesday in protest against a far-right demonstration nearby where anti-Islamic cartoons had been put on display.

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The Salafists had been protesting the far-right Pro NRW group which had displayed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad near a mosque.

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A handcuffed Salafist talking to police. Some 30 Salafists were arrested after injuring three police officers and a passerby by throwing stones and wielding poles from demonstration banners, police said.

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"Several Salafists wearing turbans suddenly jumped over the cordon and threw stones at police officers and also hit them with flagpoles," said police spokeswoman Anja Meis.

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Police pursuing a Salafist demonstrator. German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich warned last week that a plan by Pro NRW to run a 'Muhammad cartoon contest' and put the drawings on show outside mosques during a regional election campaign in North Rhine-Westphalia could lead to violent clashes. The state will hold a vote on May 13 and Pro NRW is seeking publicity with the cartoon contest.

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Police facing Salafist demonstrators. Security authorities have voiced concerned that radical Salafists may see the far-right provocation as an opportunity to seek confrontation and boost their own profile. Salafists have recently been in the news with a campaign to distribute free copies of the Koran in German inner cities.

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