Photo Gallery Should Knut the Polar Bear Be a Mascot?

So much excitement has surrounded Knut the baby polar bear's arrival in Berlin that the ice hockey team has asked him to be their mascot. He'll be ready for public viewing when he gains a little more weight.
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Graffiti artists unofficially welcome Knut to the Berlinale. Berlin, like its film festival, uses a bear for its symbol.

Foto: DDP
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Knut the baby polar bear was born on December 5, 2006. Zookeepers had to bottle feed him at first because his mother ignored him.

Foto: AP/ Peter Griesbach, Zoo Berlin
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Now he weighs just over 5 kilograms and has all his milk teeth. When he weighs 8 kilograms, keepers will put him on display at the Berlin Zoo.

Foto: AP/ Peter Griesbach, Zoo Berlin
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Knut cuts his teeth on zoo employee Thomas Doerflein. Polar bears' wild habitats are threatened by global warming.

Foto: AP/ Peter Griesbach, Zoo Berlin
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His mother, Tosca was rescued from an East German circus. But Knut won't be asked to learn carnival tricks.

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Berlin's ice hockey team, Die Eisbären (the Polar Bears), want to adopt Knut as a mascot. And who can blame them?

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Foto: AP/ Peter Griesbach, Zoo Berlin
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