Photo Gallery Spying on Smartphones

SPIEGEL has learned from NSA documents that the US intelligence agency has the capability to tap user data from smartphones, including the BlackBerry, which had previously been coveted for its security.
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According to internal NSA documents seen by SPIEGEL, the NSA has focused on accessing smartphone data. In a secret presentation, the agency ironically uses an image from the iconic Apple Macintosh ad aired during 1984 Superbowl, which referenced the George Orwell book "1984."

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The presentation went on to show Steve Jobs as "Big Brother." The NSA documents indicate that the agency can access a wide variety of iPhone geolocation features and other data.

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The implication of the presentation is that iPhone users are somehow complicit in their own surveillance by buying iPhones in the first place.

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Image from an NSA presentation on its ability to access smartphone data. The agency has special task forces focusing on specific operating systems.

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This image comes from a presentation called "Your target isusing a BlackBerry? Now what?" It shows an email from a Mexican government agency which was sent using BlackBerry encryption technology -- and intercepted by the NSA nonetheless.

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