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The idea behind the Children's Eyes On Earth International Youth Photography Contest was to encourage kids to think about the environmental challenges facing the planet. The organizers were impressed by the high standard of the entries, which flooded in from all round the world.
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The themes of the contest were 'I Love Nature' and 'I Fear Pollution'. Fifteen-year-old John Luckyly De Ocampo from the Philippines said his photograph expressed the need to save nature for a brighter future.

Foto: John Luckyly De Ocampo /
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Nine-year-old Darpan Basak from India said his image illustrates the peaceful co-existence of man and nature.

Foto: Darpan Basak /
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Eight-year-old Anastasya Vorobko from Russia submitted a chilling image with the caption: "This is the view from my school."

Foto: Anastasya Vorobko /
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"Millions of plastic bags fly like balloons in the wind, stifling nature for millions of years," said 14-year-old Sophie Vela from France.

Foto: Sophie Vela /
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Will Anderson, a 16-year-old from the UK, submitted this picture of a wild Welsh stallion.

Foto: Will Anderson /
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Sixteen-year-old Mary Ann Tablante from the Philippines snapped this image of kids hanging out at a garbage dump.

Foto: Mary Ann Tablante /
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Enno Forchner, a 14-year-old student from Potsdam, Germany, took this picture of a Toco Toucan while on holiday in Namibia.

Foto: Enno Forchner /
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Sazzid Ahmed, 17, captured farmers sowing grain in Bangladesh.

Foto: Sazzid Ahmed /
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"Animals are not things," says 17-year-old Kristina Bychkova from Italy -- even if her reptiles look almost artificial.

Foto: Kristina Bychkova /
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Ethan Whitecotton, 16, chose a model that seems to be looking right at him.

Foto: Ethan Whitecotton /
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"It's important that we give the youngsters on our planet freedom and the space to explore their habitat," said Esmeralda Edenberg, 15, from Sweden.

Foto: Esmeralda Edenberg /
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Katie Skinner, 13, was probably in Scotland when she photographed this Highland cow.

Foto: Katie Skinner /
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"I took this photograph of pelicans coming in for their daily feed at a fish market near the beach," said 16-year-old Nicholas Morreau from Australia.

Foto: Nicholas Morreau /
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Thirteen-year-old Juan Carlos Canales from Spain captured birds mid-flight above an industrial plant.

Foto: Juan Carlos Canales /
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Camille Segonne, a 14-year-old from Costa Rica, was on Bonaventure Island in Canada when she saw these Northern Gannets kissing.

Foto: Camille Segonne /
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Last summer, 15-year-old Tiffany Vassilatos from the US went to the island of Kodiak in Alaska. "I couldnt believe that I was witnessing a family of the world's biggest bears walking around and looking for food in their natural habitat," she says.

Foto: Tiffany Vassilatos /
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