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The world's first indoor Legoland will open this weekend in Berlin. Young and old visitors will find Lego sculptures of celebrities, animals and miniature versions of Berlin's most important sights in the 37,000-square-feet center.
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Children eagerly await the preview day at Berlin's new Legoland Discovery Centre.

Foto: DDP
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The Legoland Discovery Centre is the world's first indoor Legoland. The sculpture of John F. Kennedy in front of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate is one of the highlights.

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The 37,674 square foot area will officially open to the public on Saturday. It is an interactive world made of Lego blocks where children can go close up to remodelled celebrities, like the German singer and actress Marlene Dietrich pictured here.

Foto: DDP
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German celebrities like soccer player Michael Ballack are also represented in the indoor Legoland.

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The Legoland Discovery Centre bills itself as a unique indoor attraction for the whole family -- from babies to adults.

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Little Paul shows off his bravery by putting his arm through the mouth of a Lego lion.

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The most famous sights of Berlin, like the Brandenburg Gate seen here, have been re-created in Lego form.

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Another exhibit shows a miniature model of the Reichstag building, the seat of the German parliament.

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For the adventurous, Legoland Discovery Centre is offering a "jungle expedition" with giant spiders -- made of plastic, of course.

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A giant giraffe guards the Legoland entrance at Berlin's Potsdamer Platz. The organizers expect 30,000 visitors annually.

Foto: DPA
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