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Hatun Sürücü died in 2005 when her youngest brother decided to shoot her for the sake of the family honor. What followed was a family's self-destruction. A new documentary reconstructs the story, and interviews the murderer for the first time.
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Hatun Sürücü left home in 1999 to raise her son as a single mother in Berlin. She abandoned her headscarf and trained as an electrician. Her younger brother shot her dead in 2005.

Foto: rbb/ WDR
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"She had to die because she was living like a German," the murderer, Ayhan Sürücü (right), told journalists from a Berlin prison.

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A new documentary on German TV reconstructs the story and talks to Hatun's brothers for the first time.

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The killing makes no sense to Germans, but Hatun's older brother Mutlu -- now living in Istanbul -- is not mystified. "Why does a woman need to dress up so prettily?" he says in the film. "Why does she need to go out on the town?"

Foto: ddp
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Hatun's death became a high-profile story in 2005, and friends and activists still demonstrate in Berlin. Whether the rest of the Sürücü family conspired with Ayhan has never been determined in court.

Foto: dapd
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