Photo Gallery The Global Downturn

The upheaval in the financial markets has sent shock waves around the globe. Economies in North America, Europe and Asia are closely connected -- for better or for worse.
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The recession which started in the US has now spread across the globe. Here a New York store tries to attract customers.

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Russia is suffering its worst financial crisis in a decade. Here striking construction workers warm themselves in the city of Yekaterinburg.

Foto: AP
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The global financial crisis brought Iceland to the brink of bankruptcy. Here people take to the streets of Reykjavik in November 2008 to protest against the government.

Foto: AFP
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China is suffering from the collapse in demand for consumer goods. Here laid-off workers protest in a toy factory in Guangdong province.

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Detroit has been one of the US cities hardest hit by the recession. Here people wait in line for handouts of food and other items in December 2008.

Foto: AFP
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Fiddling while Rome burns: Stokebrokers at New York Stock Exchange sing "Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie," a Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve tradition.

Foto: AP
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