Photo Gallery The 'Kill Team' in Afghanistan

The group of rogue US soldiers referred to themselves as a "kill team." Members of the group killed innocent civilians in Afghanistan and then posed for photographs with their victims. The US Army has now apologized for the incident after SPIEGEL published several images from the "kill team" in its new issue on Monday.
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This image shows the body of Gul Mudin, the son of a farmer, who was killed on Jan. 15, 2010. A member of the "kill team" is posing behind him. SPIEGEL published just three photos out of the numerous images and videos it has seen. Court martial proceedings against the soldiers involved in the killings are to begin soon.

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In this image, a different soldier poses with the same corpse. The US Army on Monday apologized for the behavior of the soldiers involved in the "kill team."

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Court martial proceedings are currently being prepared against 12 suspects. This photo of two dead men comes from the collection of one of the suspects.

Correction: The incident depicted in this image is not part of the court martial proceedings against members of the "kill team". It does nevertheless come from the collection of one of the suspects.

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