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He ultimately became the most famous Nazi hunter in the world. But a new biography of Simon Wiesenthal portrays him as being egomaniacal, addicted to publicity and not overly concerned with the facts.
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Simon Wiesenthal spent decades after the end of World War II hunting down senior Nazi functionaries who had escaped justice. He became world famous in the process -- not least because he went out of his way to gain publicity.

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Wiesenthal claimed that he was instrumental in hunting down Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann, pictured here during his trial in Israel in 1961. Wiesenthal did provide the Israelis with an important tip as to Eichmann's whereabouts, but he often overstated his role in the arrest.

Foto: John Milli / Getty Images
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Wiesenthal died at the age of 96 in 2005. A new book does not paint a positive picture of the Nazi hunter -- but perhaps his most important service was that of looking to the past when most in Austria simply wanted to ignore it.

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