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Barack Obama and his dramatic ascent to power has inspired a raft of books and articles. Now a German musical production is set to pay an all-singing, all-dancing tribute to the world's most powerful man. "Hope!" is about to premiere in Frankfurt.
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"Hope!" is to premiere in Frankfurt on Jan. 17 and charts the story of the US president's comet-like ascent to power in 2008.

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Among his many solos, Obama, played by Jimmie Wilson, leads a rousing gospel chorus of "Yes We Can."

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Here, Michelle, played by Della Miles, sings a duet with her mother.

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Among the political figures set to prance on the Frankfurt stage, Sarah Palin performs with a scantily clad troop of dancers.

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Tracy Plester plays both Sarah Palin and a surprisingly youthful Hillary Clinton, as pictured here.

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The plot charts Obama's political career and simultanously follows a group of residents in an apartment-sharing community, showing how they all become infected by Obama's message of change.

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After its Frankfurt premiere in the Jahrhunderthalle, the show is likely to tour Germany. Event organizers are in talks about holding a future US tour.

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