Photo Gallery The Stork Versus the Nazis

On Wednesday a court in Nuremberg considered the case of a satirical stork that looks like Hitler and the damage it was doing to a fashion label favored by neo-Nazis. The owners of the latter don't like Storch Heinar, whose jokes they say, are damaging the reputation of their brand, Thor Steinar.
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Mathias Brodkorb, one of the people behind the Storch Heinar label, holds up a T-shirt from the brand.

Foto: ddp
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Satirical graphics feature 'Benito Storcholini.'

Foto: Endstation Rechts
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The stork Heinar is an unfortunate cartoon character with a Hitler-esque moustache wearing an over-sized military helmet who has an unhappy childhood, an unacknowledged artistic talent and an oversized superiority complex.

Foto: Endstation Rechts
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The label pokes fun at Thor Steinar, a label founded in 2002, that gained an immediate following among the far-ight scene partially because of its deliberate emphasis on Nordic mythology, an important element to Nazi ideas about racial purity.

Foto: Patrick Pleul/ dpa
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The slogan on the brown shirt says 'Rescuer': The small group behind Storch Heinar has been raising funds to fight the case in court -- they even have a new T-shirt for sale that boasts the garment's owner is part of the rescue team for the beleaguered bird.

Foto: ddp