Photo Gallery Ghost Town in the Forest Near Berlin

Deep in the forests of Brandenburg near Berlin lies a forgotten ghost town: Vogelsang, a former Soviet military base which once housed over 15,000 people. All that remains now are eerie reminders of its halcyon days.
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Vogelsang, the forgotten city near Berlin, is little more than ruins today. But from 1952 to 1994, it was one of the biggest Soviet military bases in the world. Here, a decaying sports hall.

Foto: Jörg Rüger
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The Soviets used to hold atomic weapons at Vogelsang -- ready to strike at a moments notice. This crumbling fresco of Russian astronauts serves as a reminder of the former might of the USSR.

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A derelict kitchen. The site is full of reminders of the life it was once filled with.

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The buildings did not only house soliders but their families too. Pictured here is an abandoned classroom in the school that was built on the site.

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Construction at the site began in 1951. This image shows the entrance to the on-site medical care facility.

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Quitely rusting away: Pictured here are the old coal ovens that used to heat the buildings.

Foto: Jörg Rüger/
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A wall in one of the dining rooms is still adorned with a traditional Russian scene once intended to remind soldiers of home.

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The obligatory frieze of Lenin likewise adorns one of the walls on the site.

Foto: Jörg Rüger/
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Another view into the boiler room. Some 15,000 soldiers and civilians lived on the site.

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An abandoned pool where the former inhabitants used to soak.

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A memento of days past: Here a jacket still hangs on a nail in the boiler room.

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An empty mess hall, completely emptied of tables and life.

Foto: Jörg Rüger/
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Vogelsang also had plenty of facilities to provide for residents' entertainment. This room used to be a theater, even if nothing is left to indicated its former use.

Foto: Jörg Rüger/
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This staircase leading to the theater would once have serviced uniformed officers and their companions on their way to watch a show.

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The Soviets took a lot of material home, but some things, such as the sinks pictured here, remained.

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A room that used to serve as an office, now empty, surrounded by forest outside.

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The glass may be broken on this window at Vogelsang but the metal bars remain.

Foto: Jörg Rüger/
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An empty wheelbarrow lies abandoned on the grounds. Vogelsang was the base of the 25th tank division.

Foto: Jörg Rüger/
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There is nothing left to indicate what this room may have been used for during the Soviet era.

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The inhabitants were afforded different levels of comfort depending on their status. While officers warmed themselves at tiled ovens, lower-ranking soliders had to make due with improvised, potbelly stoves such as this one.

Foto: Jörg Rüger/
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Nature is slowly reclaiming the site.

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A former prison cell. The only thing that remains is the graffiti the unlucky prisoners scrawled on the walls.

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A chair at the end of the hall by the prison cells.

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A tree grows inside the building as the forest reclaims what it once owned.

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Here a shot of an abandoned bath in the afternoon sunlight.

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Most of the furnishings have vanished from Vogelsang. Some, however, like this stool, remain.

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A window quietly leans against a decaying wall.

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A pail lies rusting in the doorway, where it was abandoned decades ago.

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