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Bishop Richard Williamson, under fire for denying the Holocaust, was asked to leave Argentina. He arrived back in Britain on Wednesday morning.
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Bishop Richard Williamson arrived back in Britain on Wednesday morning, arriving at Heathrow Airport just before 8 a.m.

Foto: AFP
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As during his departure the night before from Argentina, Williamson declined to speak to the gathered media.

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The night before in Buenos Aires, Williamson was seen wearing a black cap, dark sunglasses and an overcoat. In late January, he said he didn't believe that gas chambers existed and said he thought just 300,000 Jews died in Nazi concentration camp instead of the 6 million accepted by historians.

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Just days after Williamson's comments, Pope Benedict XVI revoked the bishop's excommunication, apparently not aware of his stance on the Holocaust.

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The pope has since demanded that Williamson retract his comments. So far, though, the ultra-conservative member of the Society of Saint Pius X has refused to do so.

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While leaving Buenos Aires, Williamson shook his fist at a television reporter who tried to ask him a question.

Foto: AFP