Photo Gallery WWII Bomb Found Near Berlin Main Station

Train services to and from Berlin suffered delays and cancellations on Wednesday after a munitions experts began defusing a 100-kilogram bomb from World War II found near the city's main train station.
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Berlin's main railway station on Wednesday. There were delays and cancellations on mainline services after a bomb from World War II was found nearby.

Foto: Britta Pedersen/ dpa
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Bomb disposal experts plan to defuse the 100-kilogram bomb by screwing out the detonator. It was found on Tuesday during a search for old munitions on a construction site.

Foto: dapd
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The cordoned-off site where the bomb was found. Unexploded bombs from the Allied bombardment of Germany during World War II are still frequently found. The munitions are getting more difficult and dangerous to defuse because their fuse mechanisms have corroded and become less stable over time.

Foto: Marc Tirl/ dpa
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Experts initially considered a controlled explosion of the bomb.

Foto: Marc Tirl/ dpa
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The bomb was found near the station, which can be seen in the background. Buildings in the vicinity have been evacuated.

Foto: dapd
Die Wiedergabe wurde unterbrochen.