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Dozens were injured and a least one killed on Saturday night as violent thunder storms swept across much of Germany. Over 50 people were injured at a music festival when they were struck by lightening.
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Dozens were injured in Germany on Saturday night and at least one woman was killed by powerful electrical storms that swept across the country.

Foto: Bernd März/ dpa
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Heavy rains resulted in local flooding in many parts of the country. Here, an underpass in Munich fills with water. Millions of euros in damage were reported, much of which came from falling trees and other debris.

Foto: DPA
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Southern Germany, particularly Bavaria, took the brunt of the storms. Here, festival seating was crushed by falling trees.

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The lightning show was dramatic across much of the country on Saturday night. Here, a bolt lights up the night sky over Nuremberg.

Foto: Sven Grundmann/ dpa
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Berlin also experienced an unusually strong electrical storm.

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The Berlin fire department reported a record number of emergency calls in the early hours of Sunday morning. When the sun came up, it revealed the extent of the damage done.

Foto: Rainer Jensen/ dpa
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In Baden-Württemberg, violent hail storms damaged several cars and resulted in hundreds of injuries.

Foto: Frank Hesse/ dpa
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On Friday, a bolt of lightening in Hesse killed three women and injured a fourth as they took shelter in this small hut on a golf course.

Foto: Uwe Zucchi/ dpa