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Dear Reader,

What data do we collect during your visit or through your use of our websites? What ads are served to you? How can you view your data if you are a digital subscriber or registered user? In short, how do we deal with the data that arises from the use of our digital products and services? We aim to answer these and many other questions for you in this data protection declaration.

Current as of: April 5, 2023

The entity responsible for data protection is the SPIEGEL Group company named on each legal notice (Impressum) of the company’s websites. You can contact the data protection officer at  or by addressing your query by post to DER SPIEGEL, Datenschutz, Ericusspitze 1, 20459 Hamburg, Germany.

Before we get started: There are two ways of using our products and services. With our »ad-free« option, we dispense entirely with ad tracking and also, to the extent possible, with advertising. With this option, we analyze your usage solely for the purpose of tailoring our services to your needs and do not pass usage data on to third parties.

If you wish to continue reading this site for free, however, we finance our offerings with your consent, with further advertising and, in particular, with advertising tracking including data transfer to selected third parties to serve and optimize those ads according to your usage behavior and your presumed interests and needs.

In order to facilitate this ad tracking, we use cookies, device IDs and similar tracking technologies on your end devices. A detailed overview of the services and cookies used for this purpose can be found in the Privacy Center. The legal basis for their use is the European Cookie or ePrivacy Directive in conjunction with the German Telemedia Act (Sec. 12 et seq. TMG) until Nov. 30, 2021 – as of Dec. 1, 2021 it will be the Law on Regulating Data Protection and the Protection of the Private Sphere in Telecommunications and Telemedia (Sec. 25 et seq. of the Telecommunications and Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDSG)) and/or the European General Data Protection Regulation (Art. 6, Par. 1, lit. a (consent)). You may revoke your consent to ad tracking at any time. Should you do so, however, the only way for you to continue to access to the site is by selecting the »ad-free« option.

Leider konnten wir einen Cookie nicht abspeichern, der zur Nutzung unserer Seite nötig ist. Ist Ihr Computer über ein Unternehmensnetzwerk verbunden? Wir raten Ihnen, bei Ihrer IT-Abteilung um eine Ausnahmeregel für DER SPIEGEL zu bitten. Haben Sie eine Browser-Erweiterung oder den Browser so konfiguriert, dass das Setzen von Cookies verboten ist? Bitte fügen Sie eine Ausnahmeregel für DER SPIEGEL hinzu.
Falls Sie weiterhin Probleme haben, finden Sie hier mehr Informationen.

Delete cookies:

The legal basis for the few cookies and tracking technologies that are also used in the »ad-free« offer, without the creation of user profiles, for the essential measure of reach, for an interest-oriented-needs-based design of our offerings and for ensuring the security and functionality of our websites (details of these services can be found here) is also the European Cookie or ePrivacy Directive in conjunction with the German Telemedia Act (Sec. 12 et sec. TMG until Nov. 30, 2021) or – as of Dec. 1, 2021 – the Law on Regulating Data Protection and the Protection of the Private Sphere in Telecommunications and Telemedia (Sec. 25 et seq. TTDSG) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Art. 6, Par. 1, lit. b (performance of contract) and Art. 6, Par. 1, lit f (legitimate interests).

If you wish to completely deactivate ad tracking with data transfer to third parties on our websites, then we recommend the »ad-free« option. Simply activating the Do Not Track Mode in your browser is not sufficient. Alternatively, you have the choice to "opt out” of all service providers included in our Privacy Center. To do so, you have to use the opt-out function on the websites of the respective service providers.

The deactivated services are not only blocked for our services, but also generally for the end device that you are using. The settings are saved for your device or browser. If you are using more than one browser on more than one device, you must (de-)activate settings on each browser individually, because we are neither able nor permitted to synchronize opt-outs for you. The »ad-free« option, on the other hand, is of course usable on all devices with your log-in.

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