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Charles Hawley Charles Hawley

Charles Hawley

Jahrgang 1971, stammt aus Seattle/Washington State. Journalismus-Studium im Jahr 2001 an der Columbia University in New York abgeschlossen. Nach dem Studium freier Mitarbeiter für hauptsächlich amerikanische Zeitungen wie "Wall Street Journal Europe", "Chicago Tribune" und "Christian Science Monitor" aus München und Berlin. Seit September 2004 Redakteur bei SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL, seit Januar 2009 stellvertretender Ressortleiter.

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German Election Results Merkel Re-Elected as Right Wing Enters Parliament

Angela Merkel has won her fourth term as German chancellor, but her coalition partners for the last four years, the Social Democrats, have likely received their worst result since World War II. The right-wing populist AfD has secured more than 13 percent of the vote. Von Charles Hawley
24. September 2017, 18:40 Uhr

A Candidate Unhinged Trump Targets the Essence of America

To be American means to believe in the Constitution: This narrative, despite its obvious flaws, has kept the country together over the centuries. Now, though, Donald Trump is presenting an altogether different identity for the United States. And the consequences are potentially horrific. Von Charles Hawley
19. Oktober 2016, 16:02 Uhr

'A Partner for Russia' Europe's Far Right Flirts with Moscow

Right-wing populists stand to gain seats in the approaching European Parliament elections -- which is good news for Moscow. Russia and the European right have been courting each other recently as mainstream Brussels has kept Moscow at arm's length. Von Charles Hawley
14. April 2014, 18:18 Uhr