Picture This Nasty Girl, Germany's Prettiest Cow


Though "Lady Gaga," "Madonna" and "Grace" all did their best, they were no match for "Loh Nastygirl." The dappled beauty wowed the judges to be named Grand Champion at the 2013 German Holstein Show in Oldenburg on Thursday.

"She has many strengths, from the rear to the front," judge Marko Radke told news agency DPA. Selected for her well-formed udder, strong legs and plump belly, the voluptuous bovine competed against 250 other cows from across the country.

Backstage before the competition there was reportedly a flurry of washing, trimming, blow drying and hairspraying among the competitors, but in the end, 6-year-old "Nastygirl" and her handler Thomas Schulte-Lohmöller emerged victorious. Moo.

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