Rape Allegations American Woman Files Complaint against Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most visible athlete on earth. A woman from Las Vegas says: He is the man who raped her in a hotel in 2009. In the current issue of DER SPIEGEL, she goes public with her accusations for the first time.

Cristiano Ronaldo
imago/ZUMA Press

Cristiano Ronaldo

A woman from the United States has leveled serious accusations against Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese soccer star, says Kathryn Mayorga, 34, raped her in Las Vegas in 2009. Later, Ronaldo paid her $375,000 so that she would never again speak about that night. Her lawyer, the German newsmagazine DER SPIEGEL reports in its latest issue, is now questioning the validity of that out-of-court settlement in a civil complaint in Nevada.

In DER SPIEGEL, Mayorga has now spoken publicly for the first time about her encounter with Ronaldo nine years ago and tells her version of what took place in his hotel suite.

Ronaldo, Mayorga claims, raped her anally. Afterwards, she says he asked her if she was in pain. "By this time, he's (...) on his knees. He says the 99 percent thing." He insisted, Mayorga says, that he was a "good guy" except for the "one percent."

Rafael Buschmann, Michael Wulzinger:
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Ronaldo denies the accusations, the sex was consensual, according to him. Mayorga's lawyer's claim relies in part on a document, which includes Ronaldo's description of what happened that night. In that document, the soccer player is quoted as saying: "She said no and stop several times."

DER SPIEGEL first reported on the rape accusations one-and-a-half years ago. That story was based on documents made available to the newsmagazine by the whistleblower platform Football Leaks.

DER SPIEGEL 40/2018, Page 94


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jenzer 09/28/2018
1. A complaint....
...not sure this is what you meant. A complaint is probably not what she filed, but rather a lawsuit, maybe?
harry_tlv 09/28/2018
2. A classic blackmail situation
If she has broken a signed agreement (after getting $375,000), CR7 lawyers will make a toast out of her.
erythronium2 09/28/2018
If Ronaldo actually did what the lady says, then he should be in jail. $ 375.000 would be quite cheap for him to make these awful things disappear. But accepting so much money for keeping quiet and then wanting to go public after such a long time still does not seem to be fair. I know, there is Stormy Daniels, #metoo and recently some rather dubious stuff against a candidate for the Supreme Court. Allegations of sexual misconduct against famous people are extremely popular nowadays. Nevertheless I hope that she is going to lose her lawsuit big time.
Kalamari 09/28/2018
4. The media reaction is disgsuting as ever
Once again they try to ruin a good man, while having no proof whatsoever. Apparently our media is owned by crazy feminists, they dont even try to hide it anymore. The misandry is very visible. And to make things worse, this woman is gonna become a millionaire with this. Yeah, we have to say: the world is not exactly moving in the right direction.
kalim.karemi 09/28/2018
5. Mc Carthy 2.0
50 years ago you were blamed being a communist to loose reputation, job, family, life. Today its enough being called a rapist to destroy you.
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